As veterinary medicine follows closely behind human health care we welcome the FDA's recent approval of a laser light therapy for our pets.

This therapy has been available to humans in a wide range of services including pain control, wound healing, vein repair, etc.  The animal version has been in use in Europe for years with documented clinical success.

This new laser approach to pain management, wound healing, and rehabilitation can be used without the need for medication or surgery.

Some of the conditions it works best with are:

  • Pain relief
  • Wound healing
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Surgery pain relief
  • Joint Disease
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Pain associated with aging

"The feedback I am getting lets me know it's nothing short of miraculous,"  Dr. Weaver explains.  "It just adds another dimension to the management of pain."

Owners of dogs that have been through our arthritis therapies have stated "He is able to run up the stairs again" "Jumped over the seat in the car for the first time in years" and is "is able to get on the bed again".

Probably the most exciting advantage of laser therapy will be for cats that are notorious for being hard to medicate.  One client who went through the treatment program has an elderly kitty that had slowed down and the owner had been treating it with joint suppliments.  After 3 treatments they called stating they saw a "marked" improvement in the cat saying that it was jumping on counters and playing with it's housemates for the first time in years.

 "Now, I can see using it on just about every kind of musculoskeletal pain, from sprains and strains to chronic hip dysplasia, as well as for edema and to promote healing and control post-surgical pain".

It's not hard for our clients to see the benefits of laser therapy.  They like that it's noninvasive and that we allow them to be with their pets during treatment, so they can see that it's safe.

We are happy to have added this equipment to our arsenal of therapies.  In our challenging economy we believe this could be an effective, relatively inexpensive way to treat chronic conditions without surgery or a lifetime of medications.

Laser Therapy