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24/7 Emergency Services

Our Overnight Veterinary Care Services

Opening our practice overnight has been a dream and goal of ours for years and we believe it is something our community needs. As with any emergency care facility, pets coming in with emergent needs will be triaged (assessed) and treated in the order of their needs.

Pets with life-threatening conditions will be seen first. Unfortunately, this means that wait times may vary from original expectations, pets that arrive after your pet may be seen first. We will do our best to keep you posted on wait times, but this can change quickly, and be very unpredictable.

Dog Looking at Bandaged Paw

Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

Pets that do not have emergency care needs are encouraged to be seen during the day when we are more heavily staffed and can better keep to appointment times. The veterinary industry has completely changed post the pandemic. Pet ownership is up 30%, and staffing is down.

Please know that we are working very hard to minimize wait times and still offer the highest level of medical care for your 4-legged family members.