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Extra Services

We offer a range of extra services from our Lodge staff and award winning groomers!

Puppy running in the park
Puppy running in the park

Extra Trips Outside: This is great for puppies who are being house broken, seniors who need an extra "business walk", and very active pets.

  • One extra trip: $4.00

  • Two extra trips: $7.00

Puppy Package: Extra time outside with treats given at each break time to encourage potty training.

  • Price: $5.00

Peanut Butter Party: Hours of fun when we fill an appropriately sized Kong toy with peanut butter, yum!

  • Price $5.00

Brush & Hug: For the pet that loves to be fussed over. One-on-one time being brushed and cuddled, great for mental and coat health.

  • Price $5.00

Play Times: High energy workouts outside with whatever toy your pet loves. Tossing the ball or tug of war, we will wear them out with fun.

  • Price for 20 minute session: $8.00