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Animal Hospital of Towne Lake

Kitty Kondos

At our sister practice, The Cat Clinic of Woodstock, we have built the perfect "bark free" zone for our feline guests.


Our guest enjoy lounging in one of our luxurious suites or comfy condos. We have designed a beautiful garden, out side of the floor-to-ceiling window, for our guests viewing pleasure. Quality bedding and food is provided but owners can bring any items from home to make their pets stay more comfortable. Because our boarding facility is attached to our medical hospital, doctors are on staff 7 days a week for any special health needs.

Feline Accommodations

Our kitty sun room offers cable TV and soothing nature noises.

We offer 1 and 2 level condos. Each kitty condo has a hide-away litter box room and a shelf for climbing and sun bathing. The acrylic backed condos overlook a private garden filled with birds and butterflies.

  • 1 Level condo: $27.00

  • 2 Level condo: $33.00

  • 2nd pet in 2 Level condo: $22.00

Our large luxury condos are three-level, floor to ceiling spaces that have a private litter box room, are climate controlled and are ventilated for a clean stress-free environment. This is a great area for multi-cat families, active cats and our larger guests.

  • Luxury condo: $36.00

  • 2nd pet in Luxury condo: $32.00

We also offer playtime for our feline friends in the cat playroom. Here they have a climbing tree and other fun things for kitties to do.

What to Bring

Food: Pre-bagged or whole container, which ever is easier for you! Want to use our house food? Sure! No extra charge (dry only).

Bedding: Though we do provide bedding, having an item from home can be comforting. Please make sure all items are labeled with first and last name.

Medications: Please bring any medications in original containers.